New Unique Cupcake Wrappers

White Filigree Cupcake Wrapper
A very kind baker alerted me to this beautiful new product–cupcake liners designed to wrap around a baked cupcake. I have never seen anything like these and had to immediately try them out. They make a stunning display. We carry two different designs, and we are trying to get more. You can also use a colored cupcake liner inside the wrapper for a contrasting color look and put small candies in the cup and use as table favors. Another really beautiful product this company has is the delicate border you see wrapped around the cake stand. The border is also laser cut and can be put around a cakeboard. We are working with the company to also make this product available in different designs. It never occurred to me to use laser cutting technology for cupcake wraps, but WOW, what a concept.
These cupcake wrappers can be found at Just follow the link

17 thoughts on “New Unique Cupcake Wrappers

  1. Can you email me with info on how I can contact this company to buy these cupcakes wrappers??


  2. I am looking for a place to purchase decorative cupcake wrappers for my daughter’s wedding. Can you direct me? thanks.


  3. I am happy to see I can order the cupcake wrappers from Fancy Flours, but where can I purchase the filligree borders to go around cake plates?

  4. Where can I purchase these laser cut cupcake wrappers? Is it possible to get them in lime and also in brigth purple?

  5. Laser Cut Cupcakes……..Where can I purchase these laser cut cupcake wrappers? Is it possible to get them in lime and also in bright purple?

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