34 thoughts on “White Filigree Cupcake Wrapper

  1. Please let me know if you sell the filigree cupcake wrappers in bulk and wholesale prices. Thank you, Leila @ Elegant creme decor

    • I need to buy the cupcake papers in bulk and the skirt around the cake stand please let me know if you do so.

  2. Would like some information as far as pricing on the laser cut cupcake wrappers, am intersted in buying in bulk. Pam/Lily’s Boutique

  3. am interested in buying these in bulk and would like info on rates / styles available and p&p rates to Republic of Ireland! Many thanks!!

  4. Also interested in a bulk buy. How much for wrappers, p&p etc. to the UK? DO you have different styles and colours also? Thanks

    • Hello!
      Thank you for commenting on our blog. Yes. The Cupcake Wrappers are sold in bulk quantities at reduced prices for the larger the quantity ordered. The breakdown is as follows:
      0-49 QTY = $1.40 each
      50-99 QTY = $1.12 each
      100-999 QTY = $1.05 each
      1,000 + = $.85 each
      Please call us at 406.587.0118 if you are interested in placing a bulk order. We do not take bulk orders online.
      Thank you!

    • Hello!
      Thank you for commenting on the Fancy Flours Blog. We do have bulk pricing for the cupcake wrappers. The pricing is as follows:
      1-49 = $1.40 each
      50-99 = $1.12 each
      100- 999 = $1.05 each
      1,000 + = $.85 each
      If you are interested in placing a bulk cupcake wrapper order. Please call us at 406.587.0118. We DO NOT take bulk orders over the internet. Thank you and happy baking!

  5. I have a Cake Decorating Shop in Sydney Australia, and would like to stock your cupcake liners and cupcake wraps. Please forward me any relevant wholesale information.

    Many thanks

    • Hello Sandra,
      We typically do not do any wholesale. We are a retailer. However we can possibly offer a discount to a professional in the baking industry. Please call us at: 406.587.0118 to discuss further possibilities for a discount program.
      I hope this information helps. Best of luck to your cake decorating shop!
      The Fancy Flours team.

  6. My wedding is on the 26 March 2010. Wedding cake is going to be cupcakes. How much for your cupcake holders? If you need to ship to South Africa how much and how long alternatively to Chicago, how much and how long? Do you stock cream and brown cupcake holders?

  7. Hello
    I was looking for accessories for the cake and got Kab coating Strap and Buckle on your website
    And I liked a lot
    And I wanted to ask if possible to be shipped to Sauudi 100 tablets

    How much with shipping cost

    Are there any non-white colors?

    Thank you

    • Hello!
      Thank you for your interest in Fancy Flours and our cupcake wrappers. Wrapper prices are as follows. The more you order, the better the deal.
      1-50: $1.40 each
      50-99: $1.12 each
      100-999: $1.05 each
      1,000 +: $.85 each

      Shipping to Saudi is a base fee of $40 USD. This is our international shipping rate. However, if your shipment costs more to ship, additional charges may incur. We have several different styles of cupcake wrappers in a variety of colors. Please view them on our online store: http://www.fancyflours.com or by copying and pasting this link into your browser: http://www.fancyflours.com/site/search_adva

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