Stunning Fondant Autumn Pumpkin Cake

Stunning Autumn Pumpkin Cake

DETAIL Stunning Fondant Autumn Pumpkin Cake

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A long time client and friend of Fancy Flours, the very talented Marie Dorsey, created this absolutely stunning Autumn Pumpkin Cake and then generously gifted us with it recently. How thrilled we were to showcase this splendor in our retail store! Truly a masterpiece, this cake and cake board are draped in fondant, and are decorated with luster and sparkle dust, and royal icing. (View these and many other decorating items at The cake is a one of a kind work of art and although tempting, it was simply too beautiful to eat! Everywhere you look this cake is adorned with incredible detail and precision. From the carefully placed shimmering fondant leaves to the striking royal icing butterfly ornamenting the top one becomes instantly inspired! Luster and Sparkle dust were used to give the leaves and stem, as well as the fancyflours script, their eye-catching shades of gold and green. Upon a closer look (see above pics) you can see the veins and seams of the leaves and stem, as well as the intricate designs on the butterfly’s wings. From the ribbon wrapped cake board to the carefully curled stems, Marie continues to amaze us with her talent. The time and care she takes on each of her pieces is remarkable. Marie Dorsey owns and operates a custom cake and cookie business, Two Sugars, located in Bozeman, Montana. Check out her website for more great ideas and inspiration! ( Until, then we hope you enjoy this little pumpkin as much as we did!

5 thoughts on “Stunning Fondant Autumn Pumpkin Cake

  1. I would like to say, it is always a pleasure to go to Fancy Flours…EVERYONE is very supportive, willing to share ideas and techniques. Going to Fancy Flours is always a highlight of my day! I encourage everyone that has a chance to visit the store – to do so…you will love the store, but more importantly you will feel why “baker’s bloom” at Fancy Flours.

  2. Marie, this cake is stunning! Not suprising at all though. Marie taught a cookie class at my store – her class was a huge hit and we are already preselling seats to her class in January. We love Marie!!!

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