6 thoughts on “Flip Flop Sugars on Seashell Cupcake Wrapper

  1. I would like to purchase some of your cupcakes wraps. if you could send me a price list and postage for Australia please. I would like to buy wholesale if possible. I have a wedding cake to do in late july, do you think I would have them before then? Cheers Marnie ‘Cupcakes it is!’

  2. I would like to know how I can purchase the cupcakes also. I’m getting married next year and having a beach reception at home after. they would be perfect.

  3. My son and daughter-in-law are getting married on June 6 in San Diego in a city park that overlooks the ocean. They have a beach-type theme for their wedding and these cupcake liners are absolutely perfect. Can we purchse about 100 from you? Thanks! Beverly

  4. i would like to buy the Palm Tree cupcake wrappers for my boyfriend (surprise party at the beaches)on July 9-10,2009. it is really enaged to having a big surprise party at the Beach in South florida. i will having an idea about its.I would like to know how I can purchase the cupcakes also in ordering? in Florida we will be held on July 9-10,2009 before the early in this month. can you reponse me at home email address. thanks very much.
    about less 25 peoples invitatiion .

    • Hello!
      Thank you for your comment. The Palm Tree Cupcake wrappers come 10/package and are $14.00.
      You may order them on our website: fancyflours.com. Or by visiting this direct link: http://www.fancyflours.com/cupcake-wrapper-palm-tree.html
      We do not sell the actual cupcakes, just the wrappers that go around. A local baker would be your best bet there. It looks like if you are having 25 people at the party. You will need three packages of wrappers.
      I hope this information helps.
      Happy baking!

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