May Flowers Basket Cake

Summer is here! Why not spruce up an ordinary round cake and turn it into a darling basket of flowers! This cake can be made with a standard two layer 8-9″ cake pan recipe. 

After baking and cooling your cakes, apply a layer of frosting on the bottom layer. Place top layer on top of frosting layer. To get the look of a basket handle, use a serrated knife to cut a triangular shaped piece out of each side of the second layer (as seen in the photo). Discard or (eat!) the cut-out pieces. 
Apply additional frosting to the entire cake. Make sure all sides are covered.

Next, using additional icing attach an assortment of sugar and royal icing flower decorations to “fill up the basket”. Find several edible sugar and icing flowers at  For the green “grass”, mix coconut in a bowl with a small amount of green food coloring. Apply to cake to fill up basket.

For the final touch use a fork to create the basket weave on your frosting. Run the fork horizontally in a 1-2″ section. Then move down and run it vertical in a 1-2″ section. Continue this pattern until the entire cake has the basket weave.

Display on cake plate and enjoy!

Flowering Basket Cake

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