Sports Ball Cupcakes; Perfect for Father’s Day!

Treat your dad with some delicious sports ball cupcakes for Father’s Day! Pick his favorite sport or use several as shown in the photo. Use any cupcake recipe, then decorate accordingly: Orange frosting for basketballs, white frosting for golf balls, soccer balls, and baseballs. Yellow for tennis balls. Give you cupcake a little shine, with Fancy Flours shimmering sparkling and sanding sugars, available at Add the finishing touch with royal icing lines and stripes to create the look of a sports ball! Use your imagination here. Try using red licorice ropes for baseball lines and brown m&m’s for soccer balls. Go a step further and slip your cupcakes into a sports themed cupcake liner before or after baking (@

2 thoughts on “Sports Ball Cupcakes; Perfect for Father’s Day!

  1. Hello
    I teach Sport Science students about Sport & Nutrition and would love to show them your picture of all the fancy game ball cupcakes – how would i get permission to use the photo (if it’s possible at all)?
    Thank you

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