Poinsettia Cupcake Wrappers – NEW at Fancy Flours!

poinsettia cupcakes

Just in at http://www.fancyflours.com are these colorful and clever cupcake wrappers in a stunning poinsettia design perfect for the holidays. Wrap up any ordinary cupcake and make it extraordinary! Top off with a royal icing poinsettia decoration and your treats are ready for all the attention at your holiday party. Don’t stop there…cupcake wrappers are great for christmas morning muffins and breads too! In addition to this great design, Fancy Flours also carries as wide variety of other seasonal cupcake and cake stand wrappers. Cupcake wrappers are simple to use and can be used over again if desired. Add extra pizazz to each wrapper by hand embellishing with ribbon, sequins and stickers – a perfect holiday project for children! Enjoy!

Snowflake cupcakes

Holiday Holly Cupcakes

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