Poinsettia Cake; perfect for a party!

poinsettia cake full

poinsettia cake

poinsettia cake close up


This simple poinsettia cake can be made with a few must-have items:

1. Royal Icing poinsettias in red and white.*

2. Two-color decorating bag (this lets you achieve the red/white icing look).*

3. Red Lightbulb Cake Stand Wrapper.* 

*available at http://www.fancyflours.com

4. Your favorite cake recipe and cake stand.


1. Bake and cool  two  8″ to 9″ cakes as instructed. Place first cake layer on cake stand and spread icing/frosting on the top. Place second layer of cake on and frost the entire cake with one single smooth layer. 

2. Using two-color decorating bag, ice from top to bottom in columns going back and forth with the bag to create the layered squiggle lines (as shown in cake photo). 

3. Ice top of cake in same pattern. Affix royal icing poinsettias to top of cake staggering each one, building a mound of poinsettias.

4. Affix cake stand wrapper to cake stand by sticking small pieces of double-sided stick tape to the back of each wrapper section.

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