Festive Cookie Stencils; perfect for a holiday party

Toile cookie

Cup and Saucer Cookie


Save time during your holiday baking this year by stenciling exquisite designs onto cookies and cakes. Stencils come in a wide variety, available at http://www.fancyflours.com and are simple to use and can be used time and time again!


1. Make your favorite batch of sugar cookies or gingerbread cookies and cut into shapes that are similar to the theme of your stencils (example: for the ornament stencil, use an ornament cookie cutter). Let cool. Our favorite recipe is the No Fail Sugar Cookie recipe (listed on our website).

2. Decorate with icing of your choice. We love Royal Icing. It comes in an easy to make mix too! Let icing dry or set for approximately 1 hour. Any color food dye can be used here, as long as it is different from the color you plan on stenciling with.

3. Place stencil shape on top of cookie and carefully trace the stencil pattern onto the cookie with royal icing. In order to get the design to stay without running, the icing needs to be slightly thicker than normal; about the consistency of ketchup. 

4. Lift stencil off cookie and let cookie dry until icing has hardened (overnight or 5 + hours). The cookie will not get dry as the icing locks in the moisture. Once icing is dry stack and store in an airtight container until ready to serve.

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