Lovely Lil’ Muffin Cups

blue dot muffin cups

pink dot muffin cups

We just can’t get enough of cute muffin cups! These dainty dotted cups sure make me smile.

While they are perfect for a baby shower or birthday, they are also great for a “themed” party, wedding or spring event. Don’t just use them for Muffins and Cupcakes…muffin cups are great for holding, well…really many things. Create an organized box for childrens’ small toys (think doll shoes and accessories). Line the box (a shallow shoe box will do) with muffin cups and place little trinkets inside. Use for holding small hair clips, barretts, and ties. 

These little cups also make great candy cups and snack holders, especially if you are hosting a kids’ party.

It’s a new year….new ideas, new chances to get organized and add a little color to the gray winter days. 

These and a library full of muffin cups and cupcake wrappers are available at Visit the link to the muffin cups directly by clicking HERE.

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