Topsy Turvy Cake is Fab!

whimsy valentine cake

whimsy wedding cake


One look at this unique little cookie and one is taken back to childhood. This whimsical themed cookie cutter screams birthday and wedding like no other. New to the Fancy Flours line up are these dazzling cookie texturizing sets. This one comes with the topsy turvy cake cookie cutter and three different texturizing mats. You can use the texturizing mats on unbaked cookies, leaving an imprint in the dough itself or on frosted cookies to leave in an imprint in the frosting. Take it a step further and imprint into rolled fondant. Attach the fondant cut-out to your cookie.

Whip up a batch of your favorite Sugar Cookies (try our No Fail Sugar Cookie Recipe) and get to decorating in style!

Topsy Turvy Cake Cookie set and other cookie texture sets can be found at:

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