Sweetheart Sugar Shack

Sweetheart Sugar Shack

Gingerbread Houses aren’t just for Christmas! Celebrate all year long with dainty edible houses; the decorating possibilities are endless!

This gingerbread house is made from pre-baked gingerbread pieces available at fancyflours.com. The delicious gingerbread pieces are made from the famous Bittersweet Bakery in Chicago and smell and taste divine! 

Assemble house with royal icing and let the decorating begin! Complete directions for our Sweetheart Sugar House can be found on our HOW-TO section HERE. 

Kit includes pieces to make a 5″ h by 3″ w by 5″ deep house and a full-color 16 page instruction book for making gingerbread houses all year long!

A Valentines’ house can be used as a “box” for holding a child’s valentines, can be used a fun after school project for kids (and adults alike), and makes a great table centerpiece, until you decide to eat it, of course!

All decorating items on house (wafer paper, royal icing and sugar heart quins) can be purchased at on our online store: fancyflours.com

1 thought on “Sweetheart Sugar Shack

  1. Your items are beautiful and so much fun. I’m getting married next year in Sept of 2010, and my Theme is a picnic theme. Includes picnic basket, butterflies, flowers, and picnic food. If you have any ideas for this please contact me.

    Thank you,

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