Garden Fairy Cupcakes

garden fairy cupcakes

What a great spin on the average clay pot! These “garden” inspired cupcakes are a piece of cake (well, cupcake!) to make. Start by gathering enough mini clay pots at your local craft or garden store for each cupcake. Bake cupcakes in desired muffin cups. We used Chocolate & Gold High Tea Muffin Cups. Frost and place a Fairy topper in each cupcake and then place entire mini creation into a clay pot.
Having a spring tea or garden party? Why not customize each pot for your guests with their name, and use as a table card that doubles as a take home gift. A great kid craft project – use glue and attach ribbons or beads to make fun and fancy display vessels for your fabulous batch of cupcakes.
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3 thoughts on “Garden Fairy Cupcakes

  1. Hello,

    OMG!!! I am so happy I found your blog via Linda Crispell’s blog. You have such a talent!
    Love everything I saw and if you don’t mind I will be adding a link to it in mine.

    ~ Gabriela ~

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