Texturizing Cookies made easy!

Heart texturized cookie

whimsy cake texturized cookie

baby onesie texturized cookie

Try a new decorating technique with these cool cookie texturizing kits. Each kit comes with one cookie cutter and assorted texturizing mats. Fun, detailed designs leave either an impression or an embossed look – depending on which side of the mat you decide to use. They are very simple to use; just cut out your sugar cookies as usual and then before you bake, press the mat onto the top of each cookie to get the desired design. Bake and cool as usual. You can decorate with or without royal icing and either use colorful food pens (like we did above) or luster dust to create a shimmery effect. Or try decorating each flat cookie with buttercream frosting, wait until it starts to set and then press the mat into the buttercream to leave an impression in the frosting. A fun and easy way to achieve fabulous looking cookies. The kids will enjoy using the mats too!

Kits are available in Whimsy Topsy Turvey Cake (perfect for birthdays), Heart, Wedding Cake or Baby Onesie designs at fancyflours.com.

Happy baking!

2 thoughts on “Texturizing Cookies made easy!

  1. I LOVE this idea! What a great way to add an embossed look to your cookies. Easy and fast! This would be a great summertime activity for kids.
    Happy baking!

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