Alphabet cake & cookies; perfect for birthdays

alphabet picks

alphabet wafer paper cookies

alphabet cake

Hot off the press! New exclusive alphabet wafer paper & pick designs, by Sarah Berkheimer. These whimsical wafer paper cookie designs and make-your-own picks are a creation of adorable, lively animals perfect for creating cookies or cupcakes that are unique and fun!  The picks are printed on cardstock – all  you need to assemble are toothpicks and glue. Spell out your child’s name or a celebration with these cute and colorful letters. Or use the wafer paper designs with a batch of royal icing and affix to homemade sugar cookies for a real treat! Each set includes 156 pieces, three sets of uppercase letters and 3 sets of lowercase (either printed on wafer paper or cardstock) – plenty for numerous celebrations for years to come. Find these and other stunning wafer paper designs at

3 thoughts on “Alphabet cake & cookies; perfect for birthdays

  1. I just ordered these, and can’t wait for them to come. When I saw them, I new they were the EXACT thing that I was looking for – 1st day of school gift for the new Kindergarten teacher! Can’t wait so excited!

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