Mother’s Day is May 9 – Bake homemade goodies just for her!

It’s hard to believe Mother’s Day is just a little over a week away! Don’t forget to show your mom or special women in your life how much you care with homemade treats made by you! We have several great baking and decorating ideas in our HOW-TO section of our website. The cupcakes featured above are perfect for the tea-loving mom, complete with wire teacup holder that she can use afterwards for decoration (or for storing tea bags)! See many more ideas for baking, decorating and creating at
Mother’s Day is May 9th!

3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day is May 9 – Bake homemade goodies just for her!

    • The water color on the cookie was most likely painted on the dry royal icing base. You can do this by using gel coloring and diluting it with a bit of water to achieve the desired color. Dab your brush on a paper towel to remove excess moisture.

  1. Your items are beautiful, fun and crazy! do you sell any of your items at wholesale prices?
    thank you kindly, Rose

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