Skull & Crossbones Cupcakes!

You will need:
Skull Cupcake Wrappers (SKU:7100-OP-BKS-1
Skull & Crossbones Picks (SKU: 5700-DP-SKC-1)
Black Sugar Pearls (SKU: 5300-SP-BK-1)
• Your favorite cupcake recipe (any flavor works great!)
• Your favorite frosting recipe (we love buttercream)

• Bake cupcakes according to instructions in regular muffin cups. Let cool.
• While cupcakes are cooling, prepare the frosting. You can add in food coloring of your choice for an extra effect.
• Using a small spatula, frost the top of the cupcake with the frosting.
• Affix Skull and Crossbones Picks to cupcakes by gently pushing into the frosting.
• Assemble cupcake wrappers by fitting the tabs together and securing with tape.
• Carefully put each cupcake in a wrapper and serve.

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