Sweet Valentine Cupcake Kits

Valentine Cupcake Kit (shown above)
Sweet Valentine Cupcake Kit
Perfect Cupcake Kits for Valentine’s Day! New from Meri Meri to make baking those cute sweets easy. This kit has everything you need to make cupcakes for your sweethearts. Includes two different cupcake liners and cupcake picks to make 2 dozen cupcakes. Top them off with some of your favorite frosting and sprinkles!

1 thought on “Sweet Valentine Cupcake Kits

  1. Have you ever considered throwing a cupcake party? Cake is so last year, Cupcakes are where it’s at! There are entire cookbooks devoted to the art of Cupcakes. Ever had a Tiramisu cupcake? Ever gotten a group together to see who can create the funkiest cupcake? Cupcakes Redondo Beach is fun and where it’s at!

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