Delicious Autumn

Walnut Cookie Mold

Walnut Cookie Mold

Fall is officially here! There is a chill in the air, leaves are starting to fall and the bakers are back in the kitchen! Something about the leaves changing colors and the temperatures cooling down just makes us want to bake! From pies to cobblers to cookies, we’ve got all the tips, tools and recipes you need to make your fall baking simple and unique! View all our Autumn items HERE.

Bake fancy walnut shaped cookies this fall with this intriguing Walnut Cookie Mold shown above.

Leaf Cake Molds

Leaf Cake Molds

Other new festive molds for this season include the Leaf & Acorn Cake Molds; Mini or Standard. Let beautiful leaves adorn your table with the aid of these silicone molds. No rakes are necessary! We also offer 2 great recipes to make these cakes simply irresistible, Hazelnut Espresso Leaves Recipe and Marble Leaves Recipe.

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