New! One-Piece Decorating Bag

Oodle Tip

One-Piece, Disposable, Food-Filling & Cake Decorating Bag with Attached Tip

Make cake decorating fun and easy with this handy little tool.  It is the first of its kind – one piece disposable, food filling and decorating bag that has an attached tip, that allows you to choose both your tip style and size with a snip of you scissors!  Just fill, snip and go!

Oodle Tip Cake Decorating BagThe Oodle Tip decorating bags are easier to use than regular plastic pastry bags and individual tips – we love being able to just cut the tips to our desired sizes and then throw it away when done.  The Oddle Tip bag was designed with ease, function and affordability in mind.  The tip is squeezable to prevent food from clogging.  Easy to use with no mess or fuss because there is no need to attach a tip or wash.

Oodle Tip Cake Decorating Bag

Easy To Use. No Mess, No Fuss!
>> One Piece – No need to attach and dismantle a tip
>> Disposable – No need to wash and store for future use
>> Customizable Tip Selection – Always have the desired star, round or piping design on hand
>> Soft Squeezable Tip – No clogging during use

Oodle Tip Decorating Bag

Oodle Tip Cake Decorating Bag

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