Patriotic Stars Sandwich Cookies

Patriotic Star CookiesIt’s hard to believe July 4th is only a couple weeks away!  We are gearing up for this red, white and blue filled holiday and celebrating our country with some great baking and decorating ideas.  Make Patriotic Stars Sandwich Cookies for your 4th of July celebration,  a perfect complement to any patriotic holiday BBQ or table!  They are super easy, yet they make quite the statement!

Patriotic Star CookiesPhoto and recipe thanks to Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz.

You will need:
Star Cutter Set
Sugar Star Decorations
– Royal Icing
Red Fondant
Blue Fondant
– Pastry Bag
– Icing Tips

1. Prepare your favorite cookies using a star-shaped cutter, or use pre-made. Let cool if applicable.

2. Mix/prepare the red and blue fondant.

3. When cookies have cooled, ice half of the cookies with dipping or sheet fondant, or royal icing.  TIP: if using sheet fondant to cover the cookies, use the same cookie cutter you used to cut the dough.

Patriotic Star Cookies4. Attach one Large Patriotic Stars Dec-Ons® decoration to the top of each iced cookie with a dab of icing.

5. Place the uniced half of the cookies face down.  Fill with your choice of icing, and then place an iced cookie on top of each.

IMG_81311Want more ideas for using a star cookie cutter?  Click Here for 20+ Ways to Use a Star Cookie Cutter

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