Last Minute Halloween Treat #2 – Easy Spider Web Cookies

spider web cookies

Today’s Halloween treats are Marbled Spider Web Cookies that are not only easy, but look fabulous as well!  This marbling icing technique may seem a little intimidating, but we promise it’s not as hard as it looks!


Image & recipe thanks to

You will need:
Royal Icing Recipe
No Fail Sugar Cookie Recipe or pre-made cookies
Round Cookie Cutter
– Orange Food Color
– Fudge or ganache
– Toothpicks
Sugar Spider Assortment (optional)


1. Make your favorite cookie recipe and let cool; alternately, you may use pre-made cookies.

2. Tint icing orange using a few drops of Orange Food Color.

3. Ice each cookie.

4. Use fudge or ganache in a round tip to pipe a chocolate spiral on each iced cookie.

5. Before icing crusts, use a toothpick to drag lines through icing as shown, to create a webbing affect. TIP: Begin from the center of the cookie and pull toothpick outward.

6. Attach Spider Assortment decorations to each cookie.

Decorating idea by Charra Jarosz

spider web cookies

For a great step-by-step tutorial on how to make the marbled spider web visit!

Here are some other great spider web cookie inspiration using the same icing techniques:


How to Make a Spider Web Decorated Cookie from Sweetopia!  We LOVE the little spiders!  Too cute!

Halloween Spiderweb Cookies[3]

Spooky Spiderweb Cookies by


Unfortunately we could not find the source for these spider web cookies, but we thought they were fun and really liked the orange dough!

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