How To Rubber Stamp Cookies

Paris Stamped Cookies

Stamping your iced cookies with food color is an easy and effective way to decorate!  No professional skills are needed!  Using rubber stamps to decorate cookies, is a great way to easily add fine detail that would normally take hours free-handed with royal icing or food-color pens.

You will need:

– Your baked & iced cookies
– Assorted rubber stamps to fit your cookies
– Paper towels
– Soft-gel food coloring
– Royal icing for extra details

1. Let your iced cookies dry overnight, maybe longer if in a humid climate. Do not rush the drying time. If not fully dry the icing will crack when being stamped.

2. To make your own ink pad, fold up a paper towel and squeeze a few drops of the food color onto it. Use this to blot the food color directly onto the stamp you are going to use.

3. Press your chosen stamp onto the cookie holding it there for a few seconds. Avoid moving the stamp from side to side, or you’ll end up with a smeared imprint. If the pattern has not fully transferred to the cookie you can hand finish it by using an edible food coloring pen.

4. The stamped cookies can then be hand painted using diluted food color, embellished with piped details or left as they are!

*NOTE: We have observed various posts on the topic of food grade versus non food-grade rubber stamps — all rubber stamps used by Fancy Flours have always been from a local craft store or from a rubber stamp dealer on-line. The decision to use one rubber stamp over another rubber stamp is a personal decision — food grade or plain old rubber stamp. *Note, also that we are recommending the technique to use a paper towel versus a felt stamp pad as we think it is easier and also clean up is a snap — just toss the paper towels.

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Here is a collection of rubber stamped cookies from Julia Usher that are absolutely stunning!  Rubber stamping is Julia’s ultimate cheater technique, because it requires no artistic ability at all!

1. Rubber-Stamped Springtime Cookies {}
Julia Usher - rubber stamped cookies2. Rubber Stamped Heart Cookies {}
Rubber-Stamp Heart CookiesThough they may look involved, they use the quick and easy rubber-stamping and dusting techniques. For all the assembly details, check out the video here.

3. Rose Stamped Cookies, 4 Ways {}Rose Stamped Cookies“I became fascinated with these simple rose cookies and how amazingly different the same stamped cookie could look with only slight variations in other decorative treatments.” – Julia Usher

4. Little Love Bird Stamped Cookies {}Little Bird Stamped Cookies

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Wait there’s more!  We found some great inspiration on Flickr as well!

Love Letter Stamped Cookies {dessert menu please}Love Letter Stamped Cookies

We are in LOVE with these Love Letter Stamped Cookies!  Check out all of her other fabulous cookie creations HERE, you will not be disappointed!

Wedding Stamped Cookies {karen’s kakes}Wedding Stamped Cookies

Bee Stamped Cookie {lynette horner}

Bee Stamped Cookies

2 thoughts on “How To Rubber Stamp Cookies

  1. Wow! These are just the most creative cookies I have ever seen! I love making cookies and stamping. I can’t wait to try my hand at this new baking art form. Love it!

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