Make a Checkerboard Cake!

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Can’t pick your favorite flavor or color? Bake a Checkerboard Cake and you can put three flavors or 3 colors in one cake! Our Checkerboard Cake Pan Set, with three cake pans and a reusable ringed insert, makes it easy to get perfect results every time. Learn how to make a colorful Checkerboard Cake with this informative video from Wilton!

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Dotty the Easter bunny Cake.jpg

Bake an Easter cake with a colorful surprise inside!

  1. Make cake. Prepare batter following recipe directions. Divide batter tinting 1 cup batter blue, 3 cups yellow and 5 cups pink. Place dividing ring in first pan. Filling each section 2/3 full, spoon blue batter in center section, pink batter in outer section and yellow batter in between. Repeat with remaining pans. Bake and cool cake according to pan directions.


  2. Assemble cake. Prepare buttercream icing following recipe directions. Tint portions blue, yellow and pink to match cake. Reserve remaining white icing.

    Spread tinted icing to cover top of one cake layer in rings of matching colors of icing. Position a second cake layer and repeat with icing. Position top cake layer. Use spatula and white icing to lightly ice cake smooth. Cover cake with white fondant.

  3. Decorate cake. In candy melting plate, mix pink, yellow and blue icing colors with white-white icing color to make your “paint”. Dip end of lollipop stick in one color mixture. Dab stick on paper towel to remove excess color, then imprint dots around your bunny pattern. Repeat with all colors.

Video, images and how-to from!

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