Honeycomb Cookies!

Honeycomb CookiesCreate a buzz with these delicious honeycomb stained glass cookies!  We used our graduated set of 9 hexagon cookie cutters, sized .75″ – 4″, melted down some yellow hard candies and attached adorable sugar bee decorations!


Summer Citrus Cupcakes

Make adorable & vibrant citrus cupcakes this Summer! Perfect for any occasion!

You will need:
Sugar Fruit Slices Assortment
Fluted Colors Muffin Cups
Orange Sparkling Sugar
Yellow Sparkling Sugar
Green Sparkling Sugar
– Favorite Cupcake Recipe

Patriotic Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Make unique cupcakes that look like ice cream cones for your Independence Day/Summer celebrations!

You Will Need
– 1 package regular ice cream cones (about 24)
– Patriotic Star Quins
– Cupcake recipe of your choice
– Icing or frosting recipe of your choice to cover approximately 24 cupcakes

1. Prepare cupcakes as directed on recipe. Pre-heat oven as directed.

2. Pour batter into standard muffin pan without liners (grease pan well before filling). Fill each cup 2/3 full. Bake as directed.

3. Let cupcakes cool on wire rack.

4. Place ice cream cones on a flat surface (it is a good idea to place them on what you are planning on serving them on or transporting them in, to reduce the number of times you have to move the cupcakes around).

5. Place each un-frosted cupcake into the opening of the ice cream cone. If opening is not big enough, carefully squish the sides of the cupcake to let it fall into place OR shave off part of the sides of the cupcake in order for it to fit inside.

6. Frost cupcakes as desired. Sprinkle with Patriotic Star Quins.

TIP: You can also bake the cupcakes directly in the ice cream cones, however, you will need to wrap the edges of each cone with foil to prevent any burning.

Great photo from: Bakerella.com!

Another fun treat idea for Independence Day , patriotic snow cone cupcakes from Bakerella.com! Follow the link for great images and the recipe! And while you are at it take a look around at all her great baking ideas & inspiration!

New! Flavored Fondant in 12 flavors!

New Fonderific Fondant! Fondarific is a high quality gourmet buttercream flavored fondant with a delightfully smooth and creamy texture. Great for the beginner as well as the professional cake or sugar artist. This fabulous fondant provides almost unlimited work time for beginners because it does not dry out! We offer 12 different colors including orange, teal, chocolate, green, blue, hot pink, yellow, purple, red, black, antique white and wedding white. Colors in  8 oz. containers for $5.00, whites in 2 lb. containers for $20.00. You can buy Fonderific Fondant HERE.

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