Last Minute Halloween Treat #1 – Easy Ghostie Cupcakes

Ghost Cupcakes

Halloween is just around the corner (EEK!) and we have been sooo busy wrapping up our Holiday Catalogs that we haven’t had much time to blog about Halloween treats 😦 , sooo the rest of this week and next we will be posting easy last minute Halloween treat ideas for you!  Stay tuned!


Chalkboard Craze


Chalkboards aren’t just for school anymore!  Chalkboards are a huge trend in home and party decor.  Chalkboards are fun, timeless, and versatile.  We are so glad it is a trend right now because it is super cute and fun.  It is so easy to customize your home decor, treat packaging and party decorations with the use of chalk.  When you get sick of the design you can just erase and start fresh!