Bee Mine Cupcakes

Bee Mine Cupcakes

Bee Mine Cupcakes


Bee Mine Picks
Solid Yellow Muffin Cups
Lip Quins
– Pastry Bag fit with star or shell tip
– Favorite Cupcake Recipe
– Favorite Icing Recipe or our Buttercream Frosting Recipe


1. Bake cupcakes according to instructions in solid yellow muffin cups. Let cool.

2. While cupcakes are cooling, prepare the frosting. Dye frosting if desired.

3. Carefully pipe/spread frosting onto each cupcake using a decorating bag with star tip or a spatula.

4. Before icing sets, carefully sprinkle each cupcake with Lip Quins.

5. Affix Bee Mine Picks to cupcakes by gently pushing into frosting.

6. Arrange on cake plate and serve. Store in an airtight container.

Whimsy Heart Sugars

What a fun idea to ┬átry this Valentine’s Day! We made these whimsical cones filled with sugar hearts in a snap with our new Dresden Trim Cornucopias that come in pink, white, red and blue. These gorgeous cones are made in Germany using die-cut and embossing techniques. The cones measure about 8″ long and are just wide enough to stuff with all your favorite Valentine candies. Once assembled (a small piece of double sided tape should do the trick), we filled ours with Victorian Valentine Heart and Ruffled Valentine Medley Tea Sugars. These little treats take a fancy spin on the plain old sugar cube – I mean, why not have heart shaped ones instead?!

If you are serving for a crowd, a neat idea is to arrange the cones in a craft bucket or vase to make a beautiful arrangement. We used some crinkle paper for a little extra pizzaz! Happy Valentines Fancy Friends!

Stamped with Love

February 1st! Goodness…Valentine’s Day is a mere 14 days away and we couldn’t be more excited to share some unique chocolate treats with you ! These premium dark chocolate heart stamps are a perfect little adornment to a postcard cookie. Simply use a rectangular cookie cutter to cut-out shapes from a batch of our yummy No Fail Sugar Cookie Dough. Then use royal icing to decorate the cookies as you wish (a love letter, perhaps?) and affix the stamp with a dab of icing, just as you would a traditional postcard!

Also new to are these lovely dark chocolate hearts with red and white scroll patterns. These little treats are so beautiful and could be served in a small dish on their own or could be used to jazz up some store bought (or handmade, of course) cupcakes. The hearts are about 1 3/4″ x 1 1/2″ so they are the perfect match for mini or regular sized cupcakes. The scroll is made from cocoa butter based chocolate transfer sheets, which is another trick you could try on your own. View our chocolate transfer instructions for details on working with these inspiring sheets – just another tool to add to your baking repertoire.



Cookies for Two

Heart Puzzle Cookie Cutter Set
Royal Icing Mix
Assorted Pink Food Coloring

Adorable new cookie cutter set to make a one of a kind cookie for Valentine’s Day. This will be a fun baking project, (especially for kids!), as you can personalize them to make them unique. Have fun – use icing writers to doodle names, messages, or drawings!

Puzzle cookies are easy to make and fun to give as treats to children. We made these puzzle cookies using our No Fail Sugar Cookie Recipe, which you can find under RECIPES at the bottom of our Home Page. Make the dough and cut out the heart puzzle shapes using the Heart Puzzle Cookie Cutters.

NOTE: If you want the pieces to fit together- Leave each cut heart of dough positioned together to bake–do not separate the puzzle pieces. Immediately after the cookies are removed from the oven, use the Heart Puzzle Cutters to recut the puzzle pieces on each side of the heart. Gently wiggle the cutter when re-cutting the dough to make sure you have well cut pieces. Allow to cool.

Sweet Valentine Cupcake Kits

Valentine Cupcake Kit (shown above)
Sweet Valentine Cupcake Kit
Perfect Cupcake Kits for Valentine’s Day! New from Meri Meri to make baking those cute sweets easy. This kit has everything you need to make cupcakes for your sweethearts. Includes two different cupcake liners and cupcake picks to make 2 dozen cupcakes. Top them off with some of your favorite frosting and sprinkles!

Valentine Card Puzzle Cookies

Make adorable Valentine Card Cookies that are fun to play with as well as tasty! These puzzle cookies will give your special someone a truly unique treat.

You Will Need:
No Fail Sugar Cookie Recipe
Toast Puzzle Cookie Cutter
Valentine’s 1950’s Retro Children Cards Wafer Paper
Royal Icing Ready Made Mix or Royal Icing Recipe to make your own
Clear Writing Gel

Make the dough and cut out the rectangle puzzle shapes using the our Toast Puzzle Cutter. Leave each cut rectangle of dough positioned together to bake–do not separate the puzzle pieces. Immediately after the cookies are removed from the oven, use the Toast Puzzle Cutter to recut the puzzle pieces in each rectangle. Gently wiggle the cutter when re-cutting the dough to make sure you have well cut pieces. Allow to cool. Preparing the wafer paper: Using the Toast Cutter, carefully trace the interior shape of the puzzle pieces onto the Valentine Card image you wish to use. Use a non-leaded pencil to do this. Cut out the puzzle pieces with craft scissors. Frost your cookie with a smooth coat of royal icing and allow to dry. If you are unsure of the right consistency for the royal icing, please read our tips under the How-To section at the bottom of our Homepage. The royal icing must be completely dry for best results. Simply spread a thin layer of clear writing gel to the back of your wafer paper pieces and then “glue” the wafer paper to the cookie, image right side up! To ensure a smooth finish, turn the cookie over, wafer paper side down, on a piece of parchment paper for approximately 30 minutes. To completely dry, turn the cookie design side up for 12 hours. You can add a 3 dimensional effect by adding small sugar pearls, dragees, sugar decorations or edible glitter. To adhere, just use a small dot of clear writing gel.