Bridal Shower & Wedding Ideas

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1. Vintage Jeweled Cake Stand Trio     2. Flowers for Tiffany Cupcake Wrappers     3. Oreo Wedding Cake Mold     4. Diamond Ring Cupcake Picks     5. Sweet Cupcake Stands     6. Glass Cupcake Stand & Cloche     7. Wedding Cupcake Liners – Mini     8. Wedding Icon Cupcake Picks

Don’t forget to check out our lovely & unique collection of Vintage Wedding Cake Toppers, view them HERE.

Brilliant Butterfly Wedding Cake

You Will Need:
All Hues Butterflies Wafer Paper Set
Edible Clear Writing Gel
– Small craft scissors
– Your favorite cake recipe
– Your favorite frosting recipe
– Decorating Tip Set
Pastry Bag
– Offset Icing Spatula
– Tiered Cake Pans 6″, 9″ and 12″ will work great
– 3-5 empty egg cartons

1. Bake and cool cakes as directed. Frost cakes using offset spatula and pastry bag, if needed. Set cakes aside.

2. Carefully cut out wafer paper butterflies using craft scissors. Wafer paper is very fragile!

3. Spread a thin layer of edible clear gel onto each butterfly and carefully fold slightly in the middle. Let dry in egg carton, so wings will dry sticking up. Repeat with all butterfly shapes, or as many as you want for your cake.

4. Stack cake using cake boards or other cake stands.

5. Carefully affix butterflies to frosted cake with a dab of edible clear gel. Hold in place for a minute to ensure butterfly sticks to cake. Press into icing slightly, if necessary.

Make matching cookies also!  Click HERE to get the how-to for the pretty butterfly cookies.

Fab Filigree Cookies for Spring Weddings

filigree cookies

Wedding season has arrived! Looking for a unique idea to share with your guests? Look no farther than simply delicious sugar cookies with a delicate filigree wafer paper design. Instructions are noted below as well as on our website

– Royal Icing Mix (SKU: 6750-IC-RI-1)
– Plastic squeeze bottle (SKU: 160000018-1) or decorating bag w/#4 tip
– Gold Filigree Edible Wafer paper (SKU: 3601-WP-GFS-1)
– Clear Writing Gel (SKU: 9999-CK-GL-1)
– Cookie Cutter Set Round Crinkle (SKU: 160000102-1) or a similar 2.5″ fluted circle
– White Edible Glitter (SKU: 5400-GL-WH-1)   
– Super Gold Luster Dust (SKU: 5320-LD-SG-1)                                                               – Small paint brush and small craft scissors                                                                       – 3mm Silver Dragees (SKU: 5300-SL-MD-1) or 4mm Ivory Edible Pearls (SKU: 5300-WH-MD-1)
-Parchment paper                                                                                                               – No Fail Sugar Cookie recipe, recommended.  View online by clicking HERE.

Cut out cookies using round crinkle cookie cutters. Bake and cool your cookies.  Follow the directions on the Royal Icing Mix for flow icing and let icing set-up firm.  (If you would rather use buttercream, try to spread an even, level surface and, following the instructions on the wafer paper, adhere the paper before the icing has set up.) 

Carefully cut our the wafer paper shapes using small craft scissors. If you are using royal icing as the base for your cookies, make sure it has set up. If you are using buttercream, apply the wafer paper to the still soft icing. Apply a thin layer of edible clear gel to the back of a wafer paper cut-out (as a glue) and then affix to the top of the iced cookie. Flip right side down onto a piece of parchment paper. Leave for 30 minutes (to ensure wafer paper dries flat). Flip back over and let completely dry. Repeat with all other cookies.  

 While cookies are drying, prepare luster dust. Luster dust can be applied dry or wet. The wet version gives a more brilliant shimmer. Mix a drop or two of alcohol or a non-water based liquid with the luster dust in a small bowl. Using your small craft brush, apply the luster dust to the edges of the cookies like “paint”.  The dragees and crushed edible glitter are applied with a light coat of the clear writing gel as the final decorating step.

Let all completely dry and stack and store in an airtight container.

Shop for the items needed in this recipe.

For the Love Birds

wedding love birds

birds on tray

Nothing says spring…like saying “I Do!” While there is love in the air – there is also hectic planning for the big day. No worries for the wedding cake – serve cupcakes instead! Perfect for an engagement party, rehearsal dinner or for the main event  – these “love bird” wafer paper designs and cupcake wrappers will give you a fantastic display without all the fuss!

For the cupcakes we used a light blue construction paper to get the blue shade behind the cupcake wrapper. Try using paper in your theme colors to tie the cupcakes into the rest of your creatively planned decor. 
To make wafer paper shapes for cupcakes or cookies you will need: Wedding Love Bird Wafer Paper, royal icing mix, light corn syrup and edible dragees, pearls and other decorations to complete the look. Wedding Love Bird Wafer paper includes one sheet of vintage bird designs and one sheet of French dictionary love sayings. 

Love Bird Cupcake Wrappers are available in sets of ten wrappers and are a cinch to put together.

For complete directions for Love Bird cupcakes click HERE.

For complete direction for Love Bird cookies click HERE.

Topsy Turvy Cake is Fab!

whimsy valentine cake

whimsy wedding cake


One look at this unique little cookie and one is taken back to childhood. This whimsical themed cookie cutter screams birthday and wedding like no other. New to the Fancy Flours line up are these dazzling cookie texturizing sets. This one comes with the topsy turvy cake cookie cutter and three different texturizing mats. You can use the texturizing mats on unbaked cookies, leaving an imprint in the dough itself or on frosted cookies to leave in an imprint in the frosting. Take it a step further and imprint into rolled fondant. Attach the fondant cut-out to your cookie.

Whip up a batch of your favorite Sugar Cookies (try our No Fail Sugar Cookie Recipe) and get to decorating in style!

Topsy Turvy Cake Cookie set and other cookie texture sets can be found at:

Fancy Flours in Modern Brides’ Top 100;Best of the Web!

Recently was recognized by Modern Bride magazine in their first annual “Best of the Web” roundup.
Our homepage, was named one of the 100 Best Web Sites (for your wedding). Read the write-up on Fancy Flours and view the complete list of winners, featured in their Dec/Jan 2008 issue, by clicking here:

We are listed as #16 for our collection of Vintage Wedding Cake Toppers!