Butterflies and Botanicals Wafer Paper Sets

Feast your eyes on these new wafer paper beauties! Our Butterflies and Botanicals Wafer Paper collection is in stock, featuring poppy and butterfly designs, and pairs up nicely with a couple fabulous new candy box patterns, Poppy Design and Butterflies Design. Create a stunning presentation with wafer paper cookies (we used the crinkle square cookie cutter) packaged in these colorful boxes. Wafer Paper is simple to use…Follow the steps below for a baking masterpiece!

• Use No Fail Sugar Cookie recipe and cut out several crinkle square cookie shapes. Bake and cool as directed.
• Ice each cookie with 1 layer of royal icing or buttercream, if you prefer. Let completely dry.
• Carefully cut out wafer paper butterflies using craft scissors, making sure each one will fit on the cookie. Be careful, wafer paper is fragile!
• Spread a thin layer of edible clear gel onto the wafer paper butterfly and slightly fold in the center, so the wings are bent up. Place each butterfly in a section of the egg carton so that the wings will dry standing up.
• Add shimmer to the butterflies by dusting with a small amount of Gold Luster Dust or White Edible Glitter. Let butterflies completely dry in egg carton.
• Adhere butterflies to cookies by using a dab of edible clear gel on the underside of the body of the butterfly and attaching to cookie. Hold in place for a minute before drying on its own. Let dry completely.
• Add additional decorations, such as Black Sugar Pearls, to complete the cookie design.
• Let completely dry and store in an airtight container.

Vintage for St. Patrick’s Day

With a little luck of the Irish and some basic baking skills, these shimmering, shamrock-clad wafer paper cookies are a cinch! Take a look at some of our HOW-TO guides for tips and tricks for working with wafer paper. These little cookies are made with our Rectangle 3″ x 2″ Cookie Cutter, which fits these 1.5″ x 2.3″ designs perfectly. We added a little extra pizazz with a dusting of edible glitter (I mean, why not?!) and disco dust after the wafer paper dried. The best part is packaging for these adorable treats. New this year are the vintage St. Patrick’s Day boxes below that fit these small rectangular cookies like a dream. Boxes are sold in sets of 6 varying designs that measure about 3.25″ x 2.25″ x 1″ each. A great gift idea or table favor to go along with a shepherd’s pie and corned beef and cabbage dinner. Spread some green St. Patrick’s Day cheer with homemade treats this year!

Giant Snowflake Cookies

These generous 7.5″ cookies are sure to catch everyone’s eye this holiday season. Make these snowflakes beautiful with our edible pearls and edible shimmering glitter.

What you’ll need:
No Fail Sugar Cookie Recipe
Snowflake 7.5″ Cookie Cutter
Edible Ivory Pearls in various sizes
Edible Glitter Prism Sparkles
Clear Writing Gel
Your favorite icing or rolled fondant

1. Cut out the cookies and bake according to the recipe.

2. Once cooled, you can either cover the cookie in rolled fondant or icing.

For rolled fondant: Roll out the fondant to the shape of the cookie. Using the cookie cutter, press into the fondant to cut out the shapes of the exterior and interior designs of the snowflake. You can attach the fondant to the cookie using either Karo Corn Syrup (found in the baking aisle at your local grocery store) or our clear writing gel.
For icing: We recommend using Royal Icing and cover the cookie. Allow to harden.

3. Now you can attach the edible pearls in any design you desire. Attaching the pearls is made easier with our new Angled Tweezers that allow you to pick up and place the pearls in exactly the position you want them. Apply a small dot of Clear Writing Gel to the pearl and then place onto the cookie in the desired position. Allow to dry for 2-4 hours in a flat position.

Red, white and blue wafer paper cookies!

Celebrate America’s birthday with a stunning batch of sugar cookies complete with patriotic wafer paper designs. If you haven’t tried wafer paper – don’t worry – it is easy to use and you get great results. View our complete how-to guide for these mini wafer paper cookies. You can also try using edible glitter to give the cookies a little bit more shine.

Also try our project of the week – featuring patriotic cupcakes with our red pisa muffin cups and Lucks’s brand royal icing star decorations. Simple. Delicious. Classic. A mini cupcake is the birthday finger food for a 4th of July party or BBQ.

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