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Try this fun cupcake project too – the adorable swirly tails are make from melted candy melts and piped onto wax paper! Use hard candy bananas or if you have the time, pipe your own. Read the full recipe and instructions HERE.

Dog Gone Good!

Dog sugar cupcakes 1

Weiner Dog Cupcake

dog cupcake

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These cupcakes are dog-gone cute-as-can-be! 

With a sugar dog decoration and little creative icing work, a whole family of dogs comes to life on what was just ordinary cupcakes! The trick here is getting the dogs bodies, tails and paws just right. Use a large width writing tip to create bodies and legs and a smaller width writing tip for tails and detail work. Create a “grass” effect with the small writing tip too, or try using a large tip especially created for making icing look like grass. This special tip can be found at your local craft store. 

Here’s a cute spin…add a little dot of yellow for a tennis ball or any other fun shape for your dogs favorite toy.
Place sugar dogs head on the body you created with icing and voila! Cupcakes that are too cute to eat!

We used Gold and Chocolate High Tea Muffin Cups to complete this look.

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