A Cookie Garden in Full Bloom!

This cookie garden is in full bloom! Our stunning Vintage Seed Packet Wafer Paper is unique, beautiful and easy to use. A variety of floral designs cover the rectangular wafer paper shapes. The set comes with 12 shapes, each measuring 3″ X 4.5″. We like to use the 5″ X 3.25″ Rectangular Cookie Cutter – it fits the shapes perfectly. To make these lovely cookies please click HERE for our HOW-TO Recipes section and watch your cookie garden grow!

Get your Cookie Garden Growing!

seed packets

seed packets all  

Want to get your garden growing this spring? How about a cookie garden?! Irresistible vintage seed packet wafer paper designs add a giant splash of color to ordinary sugar cookies. We used a rectangle cookie cutter, measuring approx. 3″ x 4.5″ for the cookie shapes. Royal icing is then used as a base layer for the frosting. Once wafer paper is applied you can also add extra icing for borders, or try using dragees to finish the look. These wafer paper designs are a must have for the “green-thumb” in your family.  Adorable in a cookie bag to give as a gift. Wafer paper, cookie cutter, royal icing and more can be found at: fancyflours.com.

Love this wafer paper? View/Purchase it online by clicking HERE.
View HOW-TO for these adorable cookies.