Take a peak at our Peeps cupcakes!

peep cupcakes

peeps cupcakes 2

For all Peeps lovers out there, this post is for you!

These boldly colored little chicks can brighten anyones day as they sit upon vanilla cupcakes – and who doesn’t love cupcakes? 

Festive muffin cups in bright hues of pink, purple, green, blue, orange and yellow are the perfect way to show your Peeps some love. 

Sold by the color, muffin cups are available at fancyflours.com in packages of 40 and are greaseproof. While this combination is perfect for springtime, you can only imagine the possibilities of colored cupcakes and Peeps all year long! Enjoy…and don’t forget to check out the adorable Peeps website: marshmallowpeeps.com

3 thoughts on “Take a peak at our Peeps cupcakes!

  1. I made these cupcakes with the purchased cupcake holders in assorted colors to match the PEEPs. The problem I had, was when I cut each Peep apart from it’s mates, the white marshmallow of the Peep showed on both sides. Rather unsightly. I guess it could be covered up with a matching colored sanded sugar. I don’t know how the photos above didn’t have this.

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