Purrrfect Treats!

253056_HR_deko1Our NEW darling 8 cavity silicone mold is great for creating kitty cat cakes & cookies in the perfect individual serving size. Each cavity is approximately 3″. Made of food safe silicone, and can be used for both baking and freezing. Comes in a gift box.


Here is a purrrfect cupcake idea that will unravel into terrific fun for all! Decorating idea & photo thanks to Lucks.com.

You Will Need:
– Your favorite cupcake recipe
Sugar Cat Decorations
White Fondant 
Scalloped Round Cookie Cutter 
– Royal Icing Mix
– Red Food Color
– Ruler or other food-safe straight edge
– Squeeze bottles

1. Tint fondant pink using a drop of Red Gel Food Color.

2. Roll out fondant and cut scalloped circles sized to fit the tops of the cupcakes.

3. Mix a batch of icing with a scant amount of Red to match the fondant.

4. Ice the cupcakes in pink.

5. Use a small metal ruler or any other food-safe straight edge to impress “yarn” strands into each fondant disc.

6. Place one fondant disc on each cupcake.

7. Attach Sugar Cat decorations to cupcakes with a dab of icing.

8. With your squeeze bottle and pink icing, pipe a curlicue loose “string” around each Sugar Cat decoration.

Decorating Idea by Charra Jarosz

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